UTEP Merges 3-D Printing and UAVs

Originally published May 29, 2015 By Nadia M. Whitehead UTEP News Service Handmade drones are a thing of the past. The new dream is push-button technology that will print a working unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, right before your eyes. But getting...

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Latest Lab Targets Stem Cells

Originally published May 22, 2015 By Nadia M. Whitehead UTEP News Service Stem cells are a popular topic and it’s no wonder why. With the potential to regenerate anything in the human body – organs, bones, muscles – scientists have flocked to the pro...

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UTEP Graduate Turns Healing into Art

Originally posted May 15, 2015 By Laura L. Acosta UTEP News Service Being born with a high-arched palate impaired Theron Nicholson’s ability to clearly articulate words like “dog” or “truck” that could only be made by his tongue touching the roof of...

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