Director of Water Initiatives Recognized at Multi-State Salinity Coalition Summit

Originally published March 25, 2016

Edmund “Ed” Archuleta
Edmund “Ed” Archuleta

UTEP’s Director of Water Initiatives Edmund “Ed” Archuleta was recognized for outstanding leadership and contributions to the water industry in the Southwest. Archuleta was awarded the 2016 “Salt of the Earth” Award by the Multi-State Salinity Coalition at its annual summit in late January.

The award recognizes outstanding leaders of the water industry for their contributions to promoting the advancement of water technology, such as desalination, water/energy efficiencies and related public policies that aid communities in meeting water needs. The coalition’s vision is “creating reliable water from alternative sources” through facilitating communication between members.

Archuleta has been a pioneer and advocate throughout his 25-plus years in the field. Upon retiring as the manager of the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board in 2013, he joined UTEP as Director of Water Initiatives, lending his expertise to the UTEP College of Engineering’s Center for Inland Desalination and Engineering Advisory Board.