Dr. Skateboard to Share his ‘Street Science’ in New York City


William Robertson, Ph.D., or "Dr. Skateboard." Photo by UTEP Communications
William Robertson, Ph.D., or “Dr. Skateboard.” Photo by UTEP Communications

Originally published May 23, 2016

The University of Texas at El Paso’s “Dr. Skateboard” will be a presenter at the annual World Science Festival June 4 and 5, 2016 in New York City.

“Dr. Skateboard” is the Action Science persona of William Robertson, Ph.D., co-chair of the Department of Teacher Education and director of its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education division.

The longtime educator and skateboarder will participate in a stargazing event on June 4 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a series of street science demonstrations the next day at Washington Square. He and athletes making up the Action Science team will showcase physics and mathematics concepts during their Science of Skateboarding presentations.

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