Science is Not Just For Geeks: Dr. William Robertson

By Academic Technologies (AT)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professions have often been perceived as challenging fields of study, pursued by people who are born in a lab coat, always wear classes, and while extremely intelligent, are socially awkward.

Misconceptions like these can discourage and interest in STEM fields and portray to the public a view that Science is dull. However, our modern world revolves around science and technological discoveries, and understanding what STEM is, as well as how it works, is of great importance.

Professor Claudia Vanessa Garcia from the Entering Student Program at UTEP wanted to personalize the lives of scientists, while encouraging her students to be inspired by the field of study, so she created a class and a video series called “Science is Not Just for Geeks.”

Produced by Academic Technologies as part of Professor Garcia’s participation in their TeachTech program, this video series was designed to help students appreciate the importance of science in their daily lives, as well as showcase UTEP faculty who teach and work in the field of Science.