Sun Bowl and Haskins Center Get New Video Boards

Originally published in UTEP Magazine, Winter 2015

By Rachel Anna Neff, Ph.D. • Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre

In addition to its major campus transformation projects, The University of Texas at El Paso spruced up in other ways during its Centennial year, and Sun Bowl Stadium and the Don Haskins Center were not left out of the campus update.

During summer 2014, the University partnered with Daktronics to install new light-emitting diode (LED) displays for the Sun Bowl and the Haskins Center. Sun Bowl Stadium received four new LED displays and the Don Haskins Center received two. An additional marquee display was installed outside the University Ticket Center, replacing the former light bulb display with a modern LED screen.45

The new, larger video boards are designed to need minimal maintenance and to consume less power.

Removal and salvage of the old video boards began in late May. Daktronics finished the installations in time for the opening of the football and basketball seasons.

In Sun Bowl Stadium, Miner fans were treated to a new, south end zone LED display measuring 34 feet by 60 feet, which nearly quadrupled the area for digital display as compared to the old board. This end zone display is now the largest of any Conference USA football stadium.

Football fans now enjoy a main screen capable of dividing into separate windows to show multiple types of data, statistics, graphics and animation, scoring information and sponsor messages. The LED technology provides wide-angle visibility and excellent image clarity and contrast.

Two auxiliary displays were installed in the corners of the end zone on either side of the main display. Measuring 6 feet by 90 feet, each display offers a high-definition pixel layout. At the north end zone, a 4-foot by 96-foot ribbon display provides supplemental game statistics, graphics and animation.

In addition to the new video displays, the stadium received a custom Daktronics audio system, which was integrated with the video and scoring system for full-range sound reproduction capable of delivering clear and intelligible speech.

Inside the Don Haskins Center, two LED video displays measuring approximately 13 feet by 40 feet were installed. The Don Haskins Center also received locker room clocks, shot clocks, a backboard lighting kit and a Daktronics software interface capable of managing and displaying game, season and career statistics.

“The video boards have certainly enhanced our game-day experience with state-of-the-art sound, high definition replays and a stats interface that have brought fans closer to the action than ever before,” said Bob Stull, director of athletics. “It’s great to see them in