UTEP Awarded $225,000 to Research the Next Generation of High-Strength Steels

Originally published May 31, 2016

Devesh Misra, Ph.D.
Devesh Misra, Ph.D.

The University of Texas at El Paso College of Engineering’s Department of Metallurgical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering (MMBE) has been awarded $225,000 by CBMM North America to conduct research on the next generation of high-strength steels. CBMM North America is a supplier of the element niobium and niobium technology.

Through this project, UTEP researchers aim to gain a new understanding of the structure of steel and its properties. This knowledge will help the steel industry to develop high-strength steels with superior performance, which will help improve automotive applications, structural beams in construction, and pipelines for oil and gas transport.

“We are excited to explore these relationships and be able to provide new information that will help benefit the steel industry,” said Devesh Misra, Ph.D., chair and professor of MMBE. “As an added benefit, this project will establish a partnership with the steel industry, which will help our students to secure jobs in the steel and automotive industries.”

With the grant, researchers in the department will examine the relationship between the steel casting process and the resulting properties of the advanced steels, from nanoscale to micro-level.